Intraday Power Markets Data Analyst, Alpiq, 2021-Present

Python package for providing SDK to company databases.

Creation of self-service analysis tools for traders.

Real-time dashboards for portfolio and market monitoring.


Scripts deployed to AWS for position management.

Prop Trading Data Science Intern, Alpiq, 2020

Data pipeline for german gas market imbalance data.

Clean dark and clean spark spread analysis dashboard.

Project Management Intern, Smart Pricer, 2019

Meta-analysis of data sources of over 50 customers.

Product, finance, and marketing analysis of 30+ competitors.

Data Analytics Intern, Swiss International Airlines, 2018

• Fuel efficiency KPIs dashboard in Tableau.
• Engine wash schedule optimisation using linear models.


• MSc Mechanical Engineering, ETH Zurich, 2017-2020

Thesis: Predicting tram passenger numbers in Zurich through the study of overlapping lines.

• BSc Mechanical Engineering, EPF Lausanne, 2014-2017